Belgrade Tour Guide

Belgrade represents a popular destination for tourists who want to visit Serbia, being the capital city and offering a lot of interesting to places to visit. It represents a historical city, with beautiful and captivating architecture, and full of life.

Belgrade City

Belgrade City by Air | Image Source: Wikipedia

There are several locations that you shouldn’t miss out on if you are visiting Belgrade and you want to get a glimpse of how is it like to live in Serbia.

Best Hotels in the City

There are several hotels that are located close to the Belgrade Airport and if you are interested in booking one of them you should check out the hotel booking deals.

Things To See in Belgrade

If you’ve never been to Belgrade before, you should know that there are many interesting buildings and museums you can visit because it’s important to grasp the historical background of this country as well as the political one, considering the Communism era and the violent bombings in 1999.

Belgrade is an essential place to visit in Eastern Europe if you want to visit this part of the world but you don’t have the time to take a tour in the countries that were part of the Eastern Bloc. Here are some of the tourist attractions that you should see while you’re in Belgrade:

Knez Mihailova Street

Knez Mihailova Street

Headquarters in Knez Mihailova Street | Image Source: Wikipedia

If you want to get the pulse of the city, there is no better place for people watching because this is the most popular pedestrian street in all Belgrade. Here you can also find a lot of cafes, restaurants and shops.

Kalemegdan – Belgrade Fortress

Kalemegdan Park

Belgrade Fortress – Kalemegdan Park | Image Source: Wikipedia

What used to be an important military fortification now offers tourists amazing panoramic views over the entire city of Belgrade. You are also able to relax at the restaurants that you can find there and have fun at the tennis and basketball courts available.

The White Palace

The White Palace Belgrade

A former royal residence of the Karađorđević dynasty | Image Source: Wikipedia

If you are interested in the historical background of Serbia, this is a man that belongs to the Royal Compound and it looks very impressive.


Gardosh Tower

A memorial tower Kula Sibinjanin Janka | Image Source: Wikipedia

This is a great place that you can hang in when you’re in Serbia, being situated right next to the Danube river. It is a historical neighbourhood where you can enjoy learning more about the Serbian background.

Bars and Restaurants

As a tourist in Serbia, you might want to indulge yourself in the meals that are specific to the region as well as to the country. You are able to select your favourite place among the ones that are listed here:


Serbian Cuisine – Pljeskavica sa Kajmakom | Image Source:

  • Borik – This is a restaurant that is located near the airport which is a good thing because you are able to benefit from delicious meals without paying too much as you would if you ate within the airport.
  • Čobanov odmor – If you want to try out some of the local Serbian cuisine, you are able to try out some traditional fast food that comes under affordable prices.
  • Dačo – This is a place that will make you feel like you are one of the locals thanks to the way it has been decorated. The meals are traditional and they are served in a very nice atmosphere. You shouldn’t miss out on the Monastery steak served there.
  • Orašac – Here you can indulge yourself in Serbian dishes cooked exactly like in the past. The location is right next to the “Vuk Karadzic” monuments.

Belgrade Nightlife on the Barges

Belgrade Nightlife

Belgrade Nightlife on Sava river | Image Source:

Belgrade has a vibrant nightlife with most recognizable bars and clubs on the barges along the banks of Sava River and Danube River.